Travel Tips

It is your responsibility to ensure all your travel documents and required visas are in order prior to departure. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months after you return to Australia.

Please do not just rely on credit cards. We recommend you take some local currency for your first country and also a Cash Card for further access to cash.

Carry a photo copy of the first page of your passport and any pages with relevant visas. Keep separately from passport in case it is necessary to replace them en route. Carry spare passport photos in case of emergency.

Carry a record of credit card numbers separately in case it is necessary to cancel or replace them.

Airline and touring schedules are subject to alteration without notice due to unforeseen local conditions. Please reconfirm all departure times as you travel and reconfirm your airline reservations.

Never carry any gifts or parcels on behalf of anybody. Beware of strict and severe drug laws, always examine thoroughly and secure your baggage. Remember to remove the airline ‘three letter code’ baggage labels after receiving your baggage on arrival in each city – this helps avoid lost baggage.

Should you encounter any difficulties whilst you are away please contact Vagabond Travel immediately as we may be able to resolve the problem.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged baggage must be reported immediately to the Airline/Hotel/Tour Company and the local police. Written notification and medical receipts must be obtained to substantiate any claims. Please refer to your Insurance Policy for conditions.

Travelling companions should split belongings between the two cases. If one case goes astray, neither person is left without a change of clothes and necessities.

If you are taking prescribed medication Vagabond Travel suggest you carry a letter from your doctor stating the type of medication and the reason for the medication. Please also carry all medication in the original packaging.

Please retain all the boarding passes and ticket copies if you are intending to claim frequent flyer points.

Remaining Foreign currency can be exchanged at the airport on your return commission free.

Excess baggage is expensive !! Please consider sending purchases bought on holiday home by parcel post or unaccompanied baggage. Often low cost airlines (have a luggage limit of 15kg and will apply the excess charges.

If you are hiring any type of vehicle, you will need a valid credit card and often an international Drivers Licence. Car hire companies require an imprint for the bond. If you do not have a credit card, you may have to pay the bond in cash. This amount will vary depending on the car rental company used. Please make yourself aware of the bond requirements.

Tipping is now the custom in many countries. The general rule of thumb is 10-15% in restaurants and taxis, US$1 per bag for porters and varying amounts for tour directors and drivers/rangers.

Please contact Karen or Michelle for further information in relation to your individual tour.