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11 Day Canada Farm Tour Incl Rocky Mountaineer
Explore the majestic Canadian Rockies onboard the Rocky Mountaineer Train followed by an insightful agricultural tour of Alberta travelling through the fertile farmlands before travelling…
11 Days
09 Day Canada Farm Tour inc Calgary Stampede
A fascinating Agricultural tour to Alberta, Canada with farming and technical visits through fertile farmlands along " Feedlot Alley", highlighted by the magnificent Canadian Rockies,…
09 Days
17 Day Farming Tour of Alberta, Canada
Witness the pristine wilderness of the Yukon & North West Territories with a visit to the Arctic Circle on this Agricultural tour to Alberta, Canada…

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Historically, agriculture has been as important in the development of Australia, as it was in the United States. Australia’s traditional dominance in wheat and sheep continues into the 21st century. Recently Australian agriculture has become increasingly diversified. The considerable expanses of arable land have helped Australia to become a leading world exporter of grains, meats, and wool. Both grains (predominantly wheat and barley) and wool markets around the world are dominated by Australian exports. The market for cattle is more regional but is becoming increasingly important globally, given health concerns about European-produced beef. While only about 6 percent of Australia is suitable for crops and pasture, a considerable amount (60 percent) of the land area is suitable for cattle grazing.